Counterpart Training

A key element in 3pla’s approach to Capacity Building is Counterpart Training and is distinct from other training elements that form part of an organisation’s overall capacity building program.

Counterpart Training is a demonstration of 3pla’s commitment to international development and forms part of all 3pla’s projects.

At the beginning of each project clients are asked to identify a national staff member to work alongside the 3pla team. Through this process the individual is mentored and encouraged to , participate in the project design and management. This process builds local knowledge while also incorporating local values, knowledge and culture thus ensuring a greater degree of success in the project.

By directly passing knowledge from the 3pla team onto local counterparts 3pla aims at not only ensuring that the programs and projects are sustainable beyond 3pla’s engagement but that newly acquired knowledge remains in the host country.

3pla believe that capacity building includes human resource development as an essential part of any development program. This is based on the principle that education and training of individuals lie at the heart of development / organisational change efforts.Without human resource development, change programs become ineffective and unsustainable.